Stratom’s mission is to solve our customer’s real-world challenges in logistics and operational applications by developing world-class autonomous technologies and solutions.


At Stratom, we are driving the future of automation by developing unmanned ground vehicles and autonomous robotic systems for commercial and defense applications — whether in safe, controlled settings or dynamic and challenging terrain.

Specializing in unmanned cargo movement, autonomous mobile robots (AMR) and robotic refueling, our proven tools, methods, technologies and strategic services continuously meet our customers’ unique and evolving needs in logistics and operations. Our solutions enable them to reduce monotonous, difficult or dangerous tasks to optimize uptime and efficiencies, address labor shortages, increase profitability, and keep people safe.

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Stratom is an advanced technology company focused on developing autonomous systems that solve real-world challenges in defense and commercial applications. By providing the tools, methods and technologies to solve a wide array of logistics and operations challenges, Stratom reduces risk involved with these ventures for an impressive list of global corporations, local businesses and government institutions.

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