A safe and economic multifunction grenade and explosive penalty simulation training device, the Stratom SafeFlash™ is designed specifically for military, law enforcement and security professionals to practice critical skills, techniques, tactics and procedures in situations where an actual grenade would otherwise be used. Additionally, SafeFlash can be used to create a visual and audible penalty for booby-trap and improvised explosive devices (IED) defeat operations — all without the risks or hazards associated with explosive materials.

Grenade Simulation Device

This water-resistant, battery-powered device provides an all-inclusive way to simulate standard, short delay, instantaneous and impact grenade explosions with visual and auditory feedback. Unlike traditional flash-bang training devices, SafeFlash is reusable, requires no additional canisters and is completely noncombustible. The device is effective in both indoor and outdoor trainings and can be used either during the day or at night.

Safeflash labeled diagram

Explore the SafeFlash features:

Multimode Operation

The Stratom SafeFlash includes multiple simulated grenade modes in one product:

grenade icon

Standard Grenade

Once the red trigger button is pushed, the device activates after a seven-second delay and provides a 15-second siren.
flash bang icon

Flash Bang

Once the red trigger button is pushed, the device activates after a three-second delay and provides a 15-second siren.
impact grenade icon

Impact Grenade

Once the red trigger button is pushed and the SafeFlash device is thrown, it activates upon impact and provides a 15-second siren.
sound grenade icon

Remember Me

Once SafeFlash™ is deployed, the device will activate every five minutes with a 15-second siren until turned off.

Realistic Feel, Shape & Size

Lightweight (9.02 ounces or 260 grams) and small in size (approximately 2 inches x 6 inches or 5.2 cm x 15.6 cm), SafeFlash easily fits inside any standard grenade carrying pouch to offer a realistic grenade-handling experience during trainings.

Visual Feedback

Four high-intensity LED indicators and 110 dB siren provide a nonkinetic grenade simulation.


Construction and design allow the unit to be reused in multiple trainings, whether in indoor or outdoor environments, without the need to replace cartridges.

Remote Penalty

The device can also be used as a remote penalty device through use of an external wiring access configuration.

The Safeflash Grenade Simulator in Action

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