Summit™ Off-Road Autonomy Platform

Purpose-built with proven off-road and complex terrain capabilities, Stratom’s Summit™ Off-Road Autonomy Platform is highly configurable modular software that can be quickly and easily tailored to different vehicle platforms, operations and environmental conditions.

From heavy industry and retail to mining, agriculture, construction and manufacturing, there is a growing need for autonomous solutions that operate dependably in outdoor or complex terrain environments. Due to exorbitant costs or a lack of time and engineering resources, designing an autonomous system from scratch is not realistic for most organizations.

Enter Summit™ — Stratom’s off-road autonomy platform.

Whether starting from square one or upgrading an existing product, Summit can be quickly customized to your application, enabling quick and easy implementation of your autonomous solution.

Designed for effortless implementation, Summit delivers flexible, customized and cost-saving autonomy solutions for a variety of industries and applications in challenging or dangerous environments.

Summit Core

Stratom’s autonomous vehicle software platform provides the essential framework required to implement an unmanned system.

Summit features diagram

Summit Behaviors

Highly configurable and customizable to specific applications, Summit’s unique modular software framework empowers users to choose autonomous system behaviors that address real-world challenges — now and as needs evolve. Modular components of Summit include:

Summit Off-Road autonomy platform


  • Vision-based localization system equipped with lidar or camerabased sensing.
  • 3D terrain analysis to optimize speed and predictability.
  • Fusion of IMU, GPS and encoders to get an accurate global position for the vehicle.


  • Advanced sensor processing to enable AI analysis and path planning.
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, RFID and LTE enabled.
  • Custom ERP integrations with your organization’s software.

Controls & Feedback

  • Motor control and navigation,
  • Modular behaviors framework

User Interface

  • Highly customizable UI enables access to mission planning, operator control and coordination.
  • The intuitive and user-friendly interface provides behavior and navigation coordination in a portable solution.
  • Unique UI allows the operator to view vehicle metrics and uptime, increasing overall productivity.


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Summit Software and Technical Support

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Full Vehicle Design and Build

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Sensor Package Design and Integration

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Custom Robotic Software Development

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Custom Autonomy Retrofit Kit Design

Ready to learn more about Summit? We are here to help.

Ready to learn more about Summit? We are here to help.