Leveraging a wealth of experience in our country’s most challenging conflicts and in solving the most challenging problems, Stratom provides strategic services and solutions for a wide range of customers, from the public sector to the military. Fully equipped to meet our clients’ needs, Stratom’s professionals have extensive operational experience and understand the myriad challenges our customers face.

Engineering, Professional & Technical Services

From product design and software engineering to mechanical and electrical systems engineering, value reengineering, program management, requirements analysis, lifecycle management and more, Stratom’s deep expertise enhances projects and solves our clients’ most pressing engineering, professional and technical problems. Our trusted team executes solutions that match our clients’ requirements, supporting needs for product design and research and development by providing the expertise needed to overcome any obstacles and bring innovative ideas to market.

Counterthreat Solutions

Leveraging deep subject-matter expertise and operational experience in military operations, explosive ordnance disposal, engineering, combat tactics, homeland defense tactics, training and training development, the Stratom team both develops doctrines, training, tactics and exercise support with a focus on the counterthreat arena and produces a wide array of inventive counterthreat product solutions. From C-IED and C-UAS efforts to providing robotic toolkits to help ameliorate dangerous threats, the Stratom team understands how threats shift, combine or emerge to provide operationally valid strategies, tactics and procedures while remaining true to proven core principles and values.

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