RAPID™ — Stratom’s Autonomous Refueling, Recharging and Liquid Transfer System

Supporting a variety of transportation and logistics operations, RAPID — Stratom’s autonomous refueling, and liquid transfer system that is adaptable to recharging applications — delivers state-of-the-art precision to significantly increase project flexibility and cost-efficiency while also solving difficult productivity and safety challenges.

Autonomy is the Future

Autonomy is essential in increasing uptime, addressing labor shortages and keeping people safe. Leveraging a customized robotic arm connected to a unique refueling apparatus and vision sensing and detection systems, this suite of advanced technologies engages and interacts with a variety of autonomous systems, vehicles, aircraft and other platforms to enhance safety and resource optimization in support of crewed and uncrewed operations.

RAPID is adaptable to different vehicle types and can be deployed to support a variety of industries:

  • mining
  • heavy retail/warehouse operations
  • trucking
  • aviation/aerospace
  • construction
  • military

RAPID applications include:

  • high-volume container refilling
  • transport of fluids, including water, other liquids and hazardous wastes
  • autonomous system and fleet charging and refueling

Capable of operating in rugged environments across a wide variety of applications, RAPID takes advantage of Stratom’s Department of Defense-trusted and proven robotic refueling expertise to help organizations — and their most valuable assets: people — focus on the important and productive things that people do best.

With the ability to refuel both autonomous and human-operated systems, RAPID increases the resilience of operations by reducing human exposure to hazardous environments. The groundbreaking system can be equipped for various fuel and power sources, including diesel, gas, hydrogen, electric charging ports or a combination of fuel sources. As a self-sufficient containerized system, RAPID’s streamlined configurability provides improved delivery system productivity and efficiency to help keep organizations operating safely and at maximum efficiency.

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RAPID System Overview

Stratom is the only U.S. company delivering a versatile system that integrates several disparate systems into one comprehensive platform to customize the automation of fueling or transferring fluids across myriad operational scenarios.


The system provides system status, sensor data and operational control exposed over a simple well-defined software interface.

Customized Robotic Arm

The robotic arm’s reach and payload capabilities are adaptable by application and able to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

Suite of Sensor Technologies

The system fuses a vision-based localization system with LIDAR technology and camera-based sensing to facilitate unmatched precision.

Various Mounting Configurations

The flexible system mounts to multiple bases, from fixed to mobile vehicle platforms, telescoping rails, flatracks and conex boxes.

Flexible Fuel Line

The system’s adaptable port is configurable for fuel and power sources and delivers variable flow rates and amounts by application.

Diverse End Effector

The assorted fuel nozzle and receiver pairs enable safe, sustainable fuel transfer/energy delivery and the quick tool changes necessary for ancillary tasks.

Core Autonomy Software

Our proprietary autonomy software is designed to enable the easy implementation of autonomous solutions by providing the basic building blocks for system development.

Discover why Stratom is a go-to expert for the design and development of innovative autonomous solutions that synthesize sensory data with software controls to streamline challenging tasks.

Discover why Stratom is a go-to expert for the design and development of innovative autonomous solutions that synthesize sensory data with software controls to streamline challenging tasks.