Leveraging a distinct and practical problem-solving approach and a unique mission set, Stratom’s experienced team of expert engineers designs, develops and builds complex electro-mechanical autonomous systems and solutions that fuse sensory data with software controls to solve the most challenging logistic and operational challenges.

Autonomous Material Movement and Resupply

Stratom is trusted to develop unmanned ground systems that move material from one point to another — both in controlled settings and expeditionary environments. Employing autonomous mobile robots (AMR), Stratom develops solutions that help move heavy materials, hazardous materials and materials with unique handling requirements in nontraditional surroundings. Stratom’s robotic solutions support defense and commercial logistics applications around campuses or complexes with rough terrain or unimproved surfaces in the following industries:

  • construction
  • oil and gas
  • mining
  • the military
  • light and heavy industrial applications
  • automotive manufacturing
  • aerospace manufacturing
  • maintenance repair operations (MRO)
  • commercial shipping freight services

Autonomy & Robotics

Specializing in R&D, engineering and system integration focused on innovative robotic and unmanned systems and payloads, Stratom leverages deep autonomy and robotics expertise to fulfill its customer’s critical mission needs. Experts in Robot Operating System (ROS), a flexible framework for writing robot software, Stratom creates specialized autonomous behaviors across a wide variety of robotic platforms. Offering a full suite of autonomy and robotics solutions to lead the way in autonomous system development, implementation and deployment, Stratom’s expertise spans the following disciplines:

  • autonomy software development
  • pathfinding and path planning
  • perception
  • material manipulation using robotic arms/tools
  • human-assist automated technologies
  • guidance, navigation and control (GNC)
  • embedded real-time control systems
  • payload and robotic tool development
  • systems engineering and integration

Robotic Refueling

Stratom provides the tools, techniques and technologies for a family of automated refueling systems for fixed-wing, rotary-wing and ground vehicles. Beyond refueling convoys and fleet vehicles, Stratom’s robotic refueling solutions have the ability to refill high-volume containers conveying large amounts of liquid from one location to another. By utilizing vision sensing and detection systems to provide state-of-the-art precision, Stratom’s robotic refueling solutions significantly increase project flexibility and cost-efficiency while also solving productivity and safety challenges.

Summit™: Enabling Off-Road Autonomy

Stratom harnesses deep robotics expertise to deliver a completely customizable solution for autonomous vehicles to handle complex off-road terrains and environments. With advanced technology like lidar camera fusion, GPS filtering, and edge computing-based algorithms, the highly configurable modular software platform allows for safe and efficient exploration in even the most challenging terrains. Affordable, customizable and easy to implement, the innovative Summit™ platform offloads dangerous and monotonous tasks and eliminates barriers to entry for industries held back by cost or resource limitations. With the Summit, the possibilities for off-road autonomy are endless!

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