APL — The Revolutionary Autonomous Pallet Loader for Military and Commercial Applications

Introducing the advanced Autonomous Pallet Loader (APL), a flexible, compact heavy-lift forklift designed for both military and commercial use. Perfect for moving heavy cargo in rugged environments and diverse industries, Stratom’s APL minimizes cargo loading, unloading and transporting needs while boosting speed, adaptability, efficiency and safety.

Stratom’s advanced APL is a cutting-edge autonomous system engineered to transport heavy and bulky cargo across various terrains, from rugged, unpaved surfaces to warehouse floors. Powered by Stratom’s Summit™ software platform, the APL can autonomously pick up and transport 463L pallets and standard warehouse pallets, and navigate rugged terrain utilizing waypoint following. The compact, lightweight design of this autonomous mobile robot (AMR) allows it to easily maneuver through narrow spaces, like warehouse overhead doors and under aircraft tails and fuselages. With the ability to be operated via remote control or pre-programmed for repeatable operations, this versatile AMR is ideal for outdoor distribution centers, FEMA emergency responses, forestry, air cargo and more.

Stratom Autonomous Pallet Loader loaded with containers
Summit Autonomous cargo carrier in field
Stratom Autonomous Pallet Loader loaded with containers

Operation Benefits:

  • Enhances productivity, efficiency and material movement
  • Speeds cargo loading
  • Increases supply chain dependability and workflow flexibility
  • Operates in diverse indoor, outdoor, off-road and on-road environments: warehouses, airfields, quarries, lumber yards, distribution centers, construction sites and more
  • Reduces operating costs and exposed personnel and equipment
  • Adapts to various top plates and payloads
  • Loads and unloads aircraft and operates in tight spaces
  • Decreases fuel consumption, resupply time


  • Compact, highly configurable design with autonomous capabilities
  • Powered by Stratom’s Summit™ software
  • Modular top plate (forklift, flat, crane)
  • 15-gallon fuel capacity, up to 8 hours or 50 kilometers/30 miles of operation
  • Advanced maneuverability to execute a variety of tasks
  • Close to an unprecedented 1:1 lift ratio up to 8,300 lbs.
  • Cross-deck load shift capabilities
  • Tethered remote control or pre-programmable repeatable operations
  • Cargo capacity that can support up to 995 gallons of water, 1,186 gallons of fuel While towing 8,000 lbs.

Discover how Stratom’s APL reduces crew needs while loading, unloading and transporting cargo in military and commercial applications!