Autonomous Defense Systems of the Future

How Stratom's Autonomy Solutions Empower the Logistics Operations of Tomorrow's Defense Industry

With the nature of warfare changing, the use of autonomy will play an increasingly vital role in military operations worldwide. Adversaries are heavily investing in developing robotics and autonomous systems, underscoring the critical importance of strengthening our technological superiority to maintain our national security. The adoption and effective integration of robotics and autonomous systems (RAS) will enhance our armed forces’ ability to win wars today and tomorrow — and strategies articulating various RAS priorities are actively being executed.

As Department of Defense and military leaders increasingly strive to replace the human-operated missions that have the potential to put troops in harm’s way, advanced technologies will empower adaptive leaders, skilled warfighters and well-trained teams to reduce the risks to warfighters and demonstrate military readiness.

At Stratom, we understand that integrating RAS into military units is essential to mission accomplishment with the lowest possible risk to troops. Our RAS solutions help the DoD maintain our military advantage by reducing the amount of monotonous, difficult or dangerous tasks soldiers have to execute and the number of soldiers in harms way; increasing situational awareness, flexibility and operational efficiencies; and protecting warfighters from danger by performing missions impossible for humans. Automated systems further benefit the DoD by reducing energy consumption in operations and sustainment.

Our engineering team specializes in autonomous cargo movement, autonomous mobile robots and robotic refueling/recharging, developing unique solutions that optimize contested logistics and advanced expeditionary operations at multiple levels worldwide. By utilizing RAS in expeditionary logistics and operational environments, we’re streamlining logistics operations and enabling our armed forces to focus more intently on their core missions.

Stratom and the Next-Generation Battlefield

Robotics and Autonomous Systems Hotspot Diagram

Learn why the Department of Defense trusts Stratom’s proven tools, technologies and strategic services in the fight for our freedom.

Discover why Stratom is a go-to expert for the design and development of innovative autonomous solutions that synthesize sensory data with software controls to streamline challenging tasks.