Commercial Distribution of the Future

Imagine a world where bustling distribution centers, yards and campuses operate with unprecedented efficiency, safety and sustainability. Autonomous technologies leverage advanced software and robotics to complete the repetitive and often dangerous tasks previously executed manually by human employees. Welcome to Stratom’s vision for transforming the landscape of cargo movement and robotic refueling, driving the evolution of distribution yard operations to prepare the shipping and logistics industries for the challenges of tomorrow.

Highly automated and optimized for efficiency, modern last-mile distribution operations are already beginning to utilize autonomous vehicles to transport goods — within and around facilities and for customer deliveries. Equipped with a range of sensors and smart technologies, robotics technology will soon automate every task across the yard, from picking, packing, palletizing and depalletizing to maneuvering trailers throughout the campus, refueling vehicles and managing storage and shelving. And these capabilities are only set to evolve as sensors analyze increasing amounts of data and new technologies are developed and deployed.

Specializing in autonomous cargo movement and robotic refueling/recharging, Stratom develops autonomous solutions and technologies that combine to fill the gaps between autonomous cargo trucks on the road and autonomous mobile robots within facilities. Our autonomous vehicle platforms streamline the process of loading, unloading and transporting heavy cargo in difficult-to-navigate spaces and across challenging terrain, helping address personnel shortages and reduce operating costs while maximizing efficiency, safety and sustainability. RAPID, our autonomous refueling, recharging and liquid transfer system, minimizes human exposure to hazardous environments and keeps one more human out of the loop.

With a focus on efficiency, safety and sustainability, Stratom is shaping the future of yard operations. Discover how Stratom’s automated future of distribution helps minimize financial losses, missed opportunities and customer dissatisfaction.

Aerial view of warehouse with trucks. Industrial background. Logistics from above.

Trust Stratom’s innovative tools, autonomous technologies and services to propel your yard operations into the future.