Stratom Launches Summit Off-Road Autonomy Platform for Vehicles in Complex Environments

Stratom Inc., a developer of autonomous ground vehicles and robots for logistics and defense operations, today announced the launch of its Summit Off-Road Autonomy Platform. The Boulder, Colo.-based company said its modular software can be easily customized for various vehicles, applications, and environmental conditions. Read the Full Article

How Stratom Advances Robotic Refueling Innovation

Autonomous robotic refueling is an emerging robotics industry trend driving enhanced efficiencies across fleet management operations. As a leader on the cutting edge of the robotic refueling space, we are a go-to expert in designing, developing and building innovative solutions that synthesize sensory data with software controls to solve the most difficult and challenging logistics and operational challenges.

Stratom Develops Robotic Refueling System for U.S. Army Autonomous Ground Vehicles

Last week, Stratom announced that the U.S. Army had awarded it a contract to develop an autonomous ground vehicle refueling (AGVR) prototype to integrate into a Palletized Load System (PLS) flat rack for autonomous convoy operations. The automation of logistics functions can help improve security, optimize efficiency, and save costs, said the Boulder, Colo.-based company.