Stratom’s eXpeditonary Robotic Platform (XR-P) was featured in AUVSI News

Boulder, Colorado, October 3, 2017 – Stratom’s eXpeditonary Robotic Platform (XR-P) was featured in AUVSI news. Colorado-based Stratom’s new eXpeditionary Robotic-Platform, or XR-P, was recently demonstrated by the U.S. Marine Corps, which used it to autonomously load and unload supplies from an MV-22 Osprey vertical takeoff and landing aircraft…See the full article here!

Stratom’s ToolChanger was featured in the Robotics Rodeo

Boulder, Colorado, July 10, 2014 – Stratom’s ToolChanger was shown in the Robotics Rodeo, an opportunity for the robotics industry to demonstrate new and innovative unmanned ground systems. Expert operators from Bomb Squads and other public safety organizations use advanced skills to maneuver these robots in challenging, real-world scenarios. See the episode at: